High-quality coatings for high-quality optics

WZWOPTICAG offers coatings in all variants, versions and specialties.

The secret to full funtionality in precision optics lies in the interaction between substrate and coating. High performance coatings for high precision optics. Our worldwide network of market leaders in optical coating technology enables us to find the best solutions. We are the flexible partner for you.

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  • Extreme Low Loss HR R>99.999%
  • AR, Shortpass, Longpass, Bandpass ...
  • Protected Metall (Al, Ag, Au, Cr ...)
  • Specialities, e.g. black coatings ...



  • IBS Sputtering
  • MSP Magnetron Sputtering
  • IAD Ion-assisted Deposition
  • E-Beam Evaporation Deposition



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